Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sketches during a lecture

Two sketches I did of participants at a philosophy meeting I attended at the weekend. As usual, I was glancing surreptitiously and drawing discreetly, which cramped my style somewhat. The second model had a fascinating face and frail body, over which hung a baggy suit. I found out later he was called Weedy.


Leigh G said...

Hey Al!
Great blog you have here! About bloody time I stopped by after all the nice messages you've left on mine...

I really wish I had the dicipline to keep a sketch book, rather than the stacks of crumpled copy paper lining my floor. I do feel like a complete hypocrite after telling students "yeah, you gotta keep a sketchbook!"

Hey, thanks for telling me about Ortiz's Rogue Trooper--I have every single Thirteenth Floor, and this Rogue was a very pleasant find.There's so much I can learn from that guy!


alan said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my modest blog, Leigh. I should draw more myself. My issue is self-consciousness sketching in public, which is why I usually draw people from behind.

Jeff Durham said...

Really nice drawings. I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to sketching in public, too. Lots of back of heads for me, as well. These are excellent! Good use of an opportunity for discrete doodlings.

alan said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jeff. I'll stop by your blog again - just gave it a look-see: you're very versatile and you have great style.