Thursday, 14 May 2009

Biro on the back of a manuscript

Starbucks, Oxford. Biro on the back of a manuscript I was reading. I got bogged down in fiddly details with the face and didn't get a chance to finish it, as usual. I envy some of the bloggers I visit who work fast and have that lovely immediacy to their sketches


Roberto Zaghi said...

Very well done, I like the expression and posture. I agree with you, I used to do this kind of candid captures and rarely I had them finished, btw it's a great exercise and fun to do!

alan said...

Thanks, Roberto. I'd like to see your efforts in this respect.
I recommend you visit this blog once in a while - someone with a lovely eye and line:

Matt J said...

Yeah - biro's a tough medium-inherently fine line, but still possible to loosen up. Try a 'fatter' pen-

Thanks for your comments Al!

alan said...

Good advice, Matt - I'll try that. Appreciate it.