Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Copying from Movie Stills

Sometimes, sitting in a cafe or pub, I end up doodling, or copying from postcards, or book-jackets, or photos in the paper. It's my way of trying to break down my inhibitions about drawing in public, with a view to eventually sketching the surrounding company of strangers (I've seen so many inspiring examples in other proper artists' blogs). I worry that once they see my beady eyes on them, they'll be a little unsettled. But then, I think I already unnerve people in the pub, sitting on my own drawing nude men - even if it is Michelangelo's David.
Recently I was inspired to copy some movie stills from an article in the paper that day. The same day, I visited the very talented Mike Cho's blog (I recommend it) and found a post showing the drawings he did while watching dvds of old b/w movies. There are some differences: He didn't even pause the dvd, so drew from fleeting images, and they were still better than mine; and his was an exercise in handling light and shade in a composition. I just liked the look of Robert Donat in a great coat.

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