Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Having spontaneously decided to create this blog, I find my mind's a blank as to what to post on it. It was the same whenever I decided to start writing a diary. For now, here're some of the modest sketches I do in a little pad during coffee breaks, to pass the time. From these puny beginnings will blossom the go-to site for great art and arrestingly deep thoughts on mind, body, culture, life, the universe and everything. Maybe. Mm, haven't found my 'voice' yet.


Chris Wahl said...

Hey Alan.

Good to see you've taken the plunge and started a blog.

Very nice sketches. Looking forward to seeing more.

alan said...

Thanks Chris. I'm amazed anyone's stopped by so soon. It's people like you who have inspired me. The difference being, I'm not a 'proper' artist. Just someone with a modicum of ability that I've never managed to exploit fully. Though in a past life, I was a rather underachieving graphic designer, which required me to do a bit of cartooning every once in a while.