Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cartoon Portraits

There might be a flurry of posts as I attempt to upload a bit of content to get things started: some recent cartoons, less recent life-drawings and some 'juvenilia' that I have some nostaligic fondness for. First up, a couple of cartoon portraits I did recently for friends' birthdays. One is of my good friend Kristin, whom I depicted with Anthony LaPaglia, because she has the hots for him, or maybe his character in Without a Trace (which is why she's kinda feeling him up). The other is an ex-girlfriend from my teens, and possible first love, Sally; she's being the domestic goddess she is with her family (including her taller, handsomer husband, grr) .

There have been disputes about the likenesses of Sally and her brood: I thought I got her and the hubbie but that the kids were too generic; her sister thinks I got everyone but her. The source material for the children was limited in terms of angle and expression and extrapolating different expressions was hard. With Kristin, I think I captured the photo I used, but the photo didn't really look like her in the first place (doh!). (As far as LaPaglia goes, mm not sure. ). Maybe I should post photos too (they're not on my current computer; maybe later).

I used brush-pens, which every blogging cartoonist had been raving about - and they're right to.

One last thing. I don't have a scanner. Most of the things I'll upload right now are from my mobile phone camera (puny, less than 2 megapixel). The quality is therefore pretty poor. I'll try to improve on that as I go on.

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